Alina Carmen Cojocaru ‘The Billy Elliot of Bucharest’ 

(b. 27 May 1981, Bucharest)

Royal Ballet Covent Garden principal, expatriate

Selected Quotations

On Ballet:

It is much easier to express ourselves in dance than to talk, sometimes there are not enough words to explain. Ballet is an art in which you have to learn from each other. (Alina Cojocaru, interview with Mark Haegeman, Danceview, autumn 2001)

On Fairy Godmothers:

If ballet has a fairy godmother, then she must be keeping a close eye on Alina Cojocaru. (Review of Alina Cojocarus’s career, in Outlook, 29th May 2001)

Biography (Excerpt)

The meteoric career of this young artist can be summed up by talent, hard work, ambition, brilliant technique and a charming character, all of which are happily combined with modesty...

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