Blouse Roumaine - An Anthology of Romanian Women

Women in the Blouse Roumaine Anthology

The profile of each female covered in the book comes with a biography, set of quotations, references and other relevant information such as bibliography, discography or other selected and related links and information available on or offline. The following is a complete list of ladies from the book in alphabetical order, left to right:

160 Women within 60 Categories by Call, Profession or Social Status

Look inside the Blouse Roumaine Most of the above 160 Romanian women, in the best tradition of versatility, are true polymaths and therefore nearly each one of them falls in more than just one category, often three or more. This explains why adding the numbers of the 60 individual categories bears no relation to the actual total of the above 160 women included in Blouse Roumaine.

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If you are interested in seeing the book and more of its contents, check out the free online sample of the Blouse Roumaine. Whether you are an academic or a member of the general public interested in gender or European Studies, this book is for you. This book is written as much for a specialist as for a non-specialist readership.