Marta Petreu (née Rodica Crisan)/Rodica Marta Vartic

(b. 14th March 1955, Jucu, Co Cluj, Transylvania)

Poet, philosopher, essayist, academic, editor of Apostrof cultural magazine

Selected Quotations:

On the Legionary:
I believe that the source of some of the excesses during the Communist period is to be found in the interwar period and in its excesses. Likewise, I believe that the reason for so many failures during the past ten years – corruption, politicking, improbable justice, undemocratic behaviour - is to be found in our history since 1918

Biography (Excerpt):

Marta Petreu is a professor of history of philosophy at Cluj University, a poet, essayist and at the same time editor-in-chief of ‘Apostrof magazine, a platform from which she directs her criticism at the right-wing extremist nationalism in Romania. It is to be noted that the very mayor of Cluj as a proponent of extreme nationalism was a graphic representation of professor Petreu’s attention. The interest was reciprocal, with the difference that instead of using the same means of criticism through publishing, Professor Petreu’s opponents indulged in tactics of the more basic variety: involving threats of physical violence. As a result, both Marta Petreu and her publication remained rather isolated in a climate where it had become increasingly difficult to speak one’s mind.