What Readers Are Saying About The Anthology

‘It is a herculean work which I trust will reward you with the success you deserve.'

Alina Diaconu, Buenos Aires.

‘Constantin Roman has written a pioneering work which at last gives women their rightful place in the history of that country. It is beautifully written and meticulously researched and presented. It is accessible to the lay reader and will be a treasure-trove for further research by academics drawn from a wide range of disciplines studying in earnest the history of a part of Europe until very recently inaccessible to the rest of the world.'

Tom Gallagher, University of Bradford, United Kingdom.

‘Constantin Roman invites us for a walk, during which he enjoins past and present alike, in a brisk coming and going of the narrative. It is a narrative that cannot suddenly end, but rather one which compels us to start all over again and revisit. It is a truly wonderful gift, a very happy surprise indeed of an inherently original book, which haunts us like the persistent music of those Romanian women’s voices.'

Catherine Durandin, Institut National de Langues et Civilisations Orientales, Paris.

Blouse Roumaine is a fascinating book about women who have foresaken everything in order to safeguard Romanian values of humanity, generosity and compassion, women who have fought the communist dragon …

Alexandra Dumitrescu, University of Otago

‘I liked what I saw, I would certainly get our library to take it as there are few resources like this for students without knowledge of Romanian.'

Alex Drace-Francis, University of Liverpool, UK.

"….. some incredible extracts taken from a beautifully written book, 'Blouse Roumaine' (inspired by a Matisse painting) by Constantin Roman. It is a tribute to the voices of Roumanian women, both heard and unheard [...] The likes of Ana Pauker and the unpronounceable wife of Ceausescu aren't included, of course. This is a place for those I admire, and not those I abhor. Please read on, and spare these women and their experiences tender thought and much affection. Remember that these are only a few - their voices represent the thousands of other women who also lived through and survived (or sadly not) the same persecution, terror and unimaginable cruelty, during our lifetime. Here. In Romania. The country of my heart. Our neighbour. So nearby...."

Sarah in Romania, Blogger

'For those that think that Romania is nothing more than Dracula and Ceausescu, the book has a lot to teach you [...] The roster of women in the book includes, royals, aristocrats, politicians, political prisoners, movie stars, musicians, and athletes, to name but a few callings. Many are well-known, but equally, many have been off the radar for decades. [...] Without a doubt, the Blouse Roumaine bathes this East European country in a light never seen before, and those who thought they knew everything there is to be known about the country should think again.'

Vincent Roman, Blogger